Streambank Stabilization Projects

Before ConstructionStreambank stabilization has been a key component in the reduction of sediment entering our water supply reservoirs. The coordination between the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) (Watershed Management Section), the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) (Division of Conservation), and the Kansas Water Office (KWO) have utilized the strengths, responsibilities, and resources of each agency to accomplish streambank protection work. In order to complete projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner, the inter-agency team operates from a pooled funding system. Funds available through agency programs for streambank protection projects are targeted to priority areas and administered by this group. The Kansas Forest Service (KFS), Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT), local conservation districts (CD), and local Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) groups continue to be essential to the success of this process.

Streambank stabilization efforts are currently being concentrated in three high priority watersheds, the Big Blue and Little Blue Rivers above Tuttle Creek Lake, the Delaware River above Perry Lake, and the Cottonwood and Neosho Rivers above John Redmond Reservoir. Past efforts have included implementation projects across the state, including within the Smoky Hill-Saline watershed. In 2016, 7 streambank sites were completed. In 2017, 13 projects were completed, and in 2018, 33 new projects have been started with completion scheduled for later this year. It is estimated the streambank stabilization projects implemented to date will prevent nearly 875,000 tons of sediment from entering the associated downstream reservoirs each year.


Click the below Project Pages to read more about each particular priority watershed:

Streambank Stabilization Interactive Map

Streambank Stabalization graphic



The Story Map to the left helps to explain the efforts and projects within the State of Kansas through an interactive map. It highlights key facts and components of streambank stabilization projects, including an explanation of the approach and process developed by the state inter-agency streambank team.

To learn more please scroll through the Story Map:



A general timeline for project implementation is included below. Implementation of sites within the priority watersheds continue as part of the inter-agency team’s ongoing implementation schedule. Stabilized Site

Planning/Pre-Design Phase

  • Contact associated landowners based on priority site list
  • Conduct pre-design site visits with Design Consultant
  • Finalize site list for available funding
  • Request cost estimates for Survey, Design and Construction Oversight

Preliminary Design Phase

  • Secure landowner commitment
  • Initiate contract for Survey, Design and Construction Oversight
  • Conduct Survey and Design
  • Present draft designs to landowners

Final Design Phase

  • Submit permit applications (KDHE, KDA-DWR, KDWPT, USACE)Survey Work on Stabilized Site
  • Release RFP for Construction
  • Hold Pre-Bid Meeting
  • Identify successful construction contractors and initiate contracts

Construction Phase

  • Issue Notice to Proceed for Construction
  • Construction of Streambank projects
  • Checkout and final report of completed construction projects


In order to complete projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner, the group has adopted a “pooled funding” concept. Funds available through agency programs for streambank stabilization projects are targeted to priority areas and administered by this group. The KFS, KDWPT, local conservation districts, and local WRAPS groups are also important to the success of this process.

Interactive Streambank Assessment Map

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Streambank Erosion Assessments

Below are the completed assessments, updated as completed: 

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