2018 Governor's Conference Presentations

Day One

Market Forces That Influence Conservation and Management Practices - Tim Hardman

Development and Construction of First Major Reservoir in 30 Years - Tom Kula

Conservation and Sustainability Panel

Why Does Navigation Matter to Kansas

Water Technology Farms and Aquifer Impacts:   Dr. Jonathan Aguilar, Nick Hatcher, Weston McCary, Ryan Speer, Armando Zarco


Day Two

Hot Topics in Kansas Water

Ogallala CAP Grant

Alternative Reservoir Operations

  • Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO): Background and Supporting Forecast Improvements through Atmospheric Data Collection and Numerical Modeling - Dr. Anna Wilson (Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes)
  • FIRO Project Data Collection and Distributed Hydrologic Watershed Modeling in the Russian River Test Watershed of Northern California - Stephen Turnbull (Engineers Research & Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • FIRO: Risk Based Decision Support System for Flood Operations of Lake Mendocino - Chris Delaney (Sonoma Water)

Water Quality and Beneficial Use of Lower Quality Sources of Water

Reservoir Sediment Management

Soil Health

Streambank Stabilization and Wetlands

Education and Outreach

Groundwater Characterization

Harmful Algae Blooms

Extreme Events - Flood and Drought Monitoring and Response

Social and Cultural Influences on Water Conservation

  • A Survey of Attitudes toward Groundwater in the Ogallala Aquifer Region - Matthew Sanderson (KSU), Stephen Lauer (KSU), and Bill Golden (KSU)
  • Milford Reservoir Issues Forum - Donna Schneck-Hamlin (KSU)

Alternative Crops and Management

Improving Water Quality

Drought Monitoring and Flood Response

Emerging Technologies in Water Supply

Emerging Technologies to Reduce Water Loss

State Water Planning for Nonpoint Source Management and Beyond

Water Outreach Campaign

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